"In essence, we are a boutique online auction house handling fine instruments and bows. Our evolved selling platform allows our sellers to gain a fast turnaround while our buyers have access to a selection of high-quality stringed instruments and bows at frequent periods throughout the year."


An extension of the acclaimed violin dealership, J & A Beare, our response to the modern day violin market is balanced and supported by the tradition of expertise and integrity for which the Queen’s Award winning firm is known throughout the world. To find out more about J & A Beare, please visit their website at www.beares.com.

Who We Are


Having realised in excess of $275 million of sales in 2012-2015 alone, J & A Beare is today’s leading international broker of fine stringed instruments. The company holds the world record for the highest price ever achieved for a violin with the sale of the ‘Vieuxtemps’ Guarneri del Gesù violin in 2012, in excess of $16 million.

Through Beares Auctions, sellers can offer their items to a particular clientele developed by Beare's over many years, as well as to the wider international market. We ensure both buyers and sellers achieve fair prices through competitive bidding or the "Buy Now" option.

Aside from the flexibility of our auction structure and our user-friendly platform, we offer 0% commission for all sellers.

Discretion for both buyers and sellers is guaranteed with details of instruments removed from our website immediately after the sale.

Why Beares Auctions?



With Beares Auctions there are no consignment deadlines – you can send details of instruments or bows you would like to consign any time throughout the year. Once your item has been examined and confirmed by the experts at J & A Beare, we will contact you to agree on a reserve price and a sale period, ask you to sign a consignment agreement or perhaps offer you the alternative option of a private sale. Ahead of the usual three weeks’ bidding phase, some of our auction items can also be offered as a ‘Buy Now’ option for one week. If your item does not sell, we offer the flexibility of re-listing items or returning them to you at your convenience.  

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